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Hip Hip Heebop To Guttermouth!

I just joined.. well, yeah. Its good to know I'm not the only one that likes Guttermouth! Who wouldn't?! Anyways, I thought it was funny some people didn't like the CD Gusto. I did. But I'd say the older stuff was better. But hey.. it has "Pee In The Shower" and "Contribution" and such... soo it can't be defeated. And I'm still waiting for Sir. Mark Adkins to update The Official Guttermouth Site. C'mon Mark! okay, I'm shutting up.. well, peach out.. Shuve ya lots!

P.S. you guys need to switch to the New S2 Version and customize it that way. it'd look a TON better on here and not soo crowded. Just a suggestion. I could do it for you if you'd like. I got nothing better to do. I'm not much for taking orders but I'll make an exception for the sake of Guttermouth.. gotta make it "Gorgeous" =)
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