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for those of you who

who corrected me on my last post about the song shes got the look, the lyrics are right go to guttermouths website lyrics page then come bitch at me okay..

she likes to read
i like tv
she's checking out my good friend steve (er)
she likes a beer
i like a shot
her parents think i'm selling pot
she likes the boys in the band
she rollerblades down the strand
when i pinch her butt in public
she complains
the best years of my life washed
down the...
i like to drive
she wants to walk
she caught me jacking in my sock
i like to drink
she likes to dance
i'm drunk again
off come my pants
she likes the boys in the band
i dig the surf / she likes the sand
when i come home late she's got
that look
i'm not talkin' bout that
jordache look
for you i'd do it
just for you i'd do it
i would wash my car
get a job
odor eaters for my shoes
for you i'd do it
for you
for you
i guess our eyes
will never meet
mark, please put down
the toilet seat
she likes to kiss
i'd like to fuck
all her friends
think i'm a schmuck
she did the boys in the band
i guess i'll be a single man
i used to want to sleep in
she'd complain
the best years of my life washed
down the drain
i'll wash my car
get a job
odor eaters for my shoes
i'll recycle all my beer cans
like i promised i would do
i will cancel my subscriptions
to juggs and beaver hunt
just for you i'll do it
just for you - for you

good day now
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heheh dont take too harshly...
but i swear in the song they say "i'd rather fuck"
oh well its not that big of a deal anyway, welcome to the community, i hope you stick around!!!
i was just JOKEING ANYWAYS.. and in the song it is rather i just laughed because i copied it off the website..
damn dude dont get all narcotic about it.
oh my gosh someone didnt read that I WAS JOKING OMG
listening to this song, and half of gusto you would think the only words in the english language that rhyme with pants are chance and dance.

i miss the captain.
Haha, that's awesome.
oh please.
emo is pahedic.
Ahaha my ex put that song on my valentine Cd.

I love that video.